NeuPrime Prices - Cloud Billing vs Hosting Plan

NeuPrime Cloud offers two methods of Services Accounting. Prices are approximately the same, it is a choice of comfort and better understanding that meet your needs. Any NeuPrime mode is safe to operate. We do not have any penalties or Setup Fees. Any future prepayment can be returned to balance, if service is cancelled, or refunded, in both modes.

However, there are different modes of prepayment and accounting.

In one single account you can also have different resources accounted under different modes.

Cloud Billing - Recommended

  • Each VPS and IP Address order has independent payment cycle. Adding resources is easy
  • You set prepayment when you create VPS, one may have 1 year with discount, and another - Daily
  • Newer resources creation do not change anything with prior servers prepayment
  • It is not possible to exceed any Hosting Plan quotas etc, because there is no global Hosting Plan
  • You can add multiple Special Offer VPSes, or upgrade VPS to Special Offer any time
  • Daily, Monthly, 3 Months and 1 Year prepayment modes with discounts

With Cloud Billing, all accounting steps seems natural and easy to follow. This is default and recommended for our VPSes.

Hosting Plan - Legacy Mode

  • You set up global Hosting Plan that list all resources with single prepayment and payment date
  • You create VPS resources to fit inside this global Hosting Plan limits
  • When you exceed Hosting Plan limits, prepayment and payment date do not change, but you must resolve within 7 days
  • You can change your Hosting Plan any time, however this may change global payment date and/or require payment
  • Virtual Hosting, Email boxes, Databases, etc can only be purchased with Hosting Plan mode
  • Monthly to 5 Years prepayment modes, with discounts (Daily not available)

Hosting Plan adds payment predictability - your payment date and amount is fixed as long as you do not touch Hosting Plan. However, it takes some efforts to set up Hosting Plan correctly and follow its rules afterwards.

Hosting Plan mode may be preferred for Legal Contracts for which you establish and follow a fixed budgeted offer.