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Modern Cloud Provider

Microsoft Certified Partner

Reseller Hosting Plans

Windows Linux

NeuPrime GmbH is ready to offer full range of Enterprise Services to both personal and corporate customers.

Check our offers below or contact us at

  • Virtual Cloud Servers
  • Virtual Cloud Datacenter
  • Linux (LAMP) Web Hosting
  • Microsoft Windows Hosting
  • Efficient Bulk Pricing
  • Instant Management APIs
  • Referral Partner Programs

NeuPrime GmbH Referral Partner Program

NeuPrime is glad to offer VPS referral partner program. Attract customers and get paid up to 20 € per customer to your account balance. Fund Transfers are allowed between accounts to effectively use your bonuses.
  • If your referral customer pays for NeuPrime services and consumes the paid service for 3 months from the date of the first payment, your account balance is topped up with 10 € bonus to your regular account balance.
  • If your referral customer pays for NeuPrime service and consumes the paid service for 6 months from the date of the first payment, your account balance is topped up with one more 10 € bonus to your regular account balance (total bonus is 20 €).
  • Balance withdrawals to PayPal accounts worldwide.

NeuPrime GmbH Reselling Hosting Plans

Our Hosting Plan wizard computes reselling discounts automatically.

1 x example Virtual Server = 11.95 € / month
10 x example Virtual Servers = 119.5 79.7 € / month, you save 33% !
30 x example Virtual Servers = 358.5 167.1 € / month, you save 52% !

That is an example of our standard Hosting Plan Wizard discounts; you even do not need to contact us to get these prices.

Do you have some confirmed bulk purchase plans and want more details, special options, low-payment-on-start features? Contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know. Please describe your project in details so we can treat your situation right.

NeuPrime is Development-based Company

100% of our core systems are running on in-house developed software. That includes our Linux-based systems and hosting servers, Windows-based systems and hosting servers, Billing infrastructures, interop APIs and so on.

Do you need something beyond standard Hosting/Cloud Provider offers? If you have some project that needs special attention, API access, extended VPS templates or initialization, and so on, feel free to contact us. We do not only to provide APIs for that, but can develop the complete solution for your business process on moderate fee or for free.

NeuPrime is Microsoft Certified Partner

Our company offers full range of Microsoft solutions. We are both SPLA and Certified Partner program members, that allows us to resell and host full range of Microsoft products line, including enterprise Private Clouds, Sharepoint, Exchange/Lync, Scalable SQL Servers and so on.

15+ years expertise in Microsoft Licensing and Support allows us to do our best to help you build your solution on Microsoft platform.