Linux VPS Freeware 1Gb Panel

NeuPrime offer in-house developed Free 1Gb Panel to manage any modern Linux server.

1Gb Panel is extremely lightweight, Bloatware-Free solution for Linux Web Server management.

  • Supports Ubuntu (18 - 21) and Debian (9 - 11) apt, and basic features in CentOS
  • Web Hosting with Apache2 / PHP from 5 to 8 / mySQL (MariaDB), PHP selection per-Website
  • Manage php.ini, Linux services, CRON jobs, storage partitions, LVM and filesystems
  • Free and Automated LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates installation and management
  • Creation of hierarchy of SFTP / SCP / SSH users with proper isolation
  • Manage mySQL databases, users and rights, built-in phpMyAdmin
  • Web-based FileManager, viewer, editor, tar support, Web-based tail for log analysis
  • WebHosting Reseller Features Support
  • No artificial limitations for number of objects
  • Integrated with NeuPrime Control Panel for DNS management, Domains, Email, Anti-Spam.

1Gb Panel is preinstalled at any NeuPrime Linux which supports it. It does not change any default system settings and respects Clean-Linux approach.

Panel is by default accessible at your server IP, http port 1234. Initial login is root. Initial password match initial SSH password.