Virtual Hosting and Email Help & Information

All resource access points are available on "Passwords" page after your login into your account.
You can also create all needed resources in your Control Panel.


 Shared Websites   ...for your domain name
We support the following:
  • PHP 5 (choice between 5.2, 5.3, 5.4) (.php, .php3, .php4, .php5)
  • PERL (.pl, .plx, .cgi)
  • CGI, FastCGI (Ruby, Python, ...)
  • ASP (.asp)
  • ASP.NET (.aspx and anything related)
  • SSI (.htm, .html for UNIX/Apache, .shtml for Windows/IIS)
  • We also support legacy WAP pages
Default index files for all Websites - default.htm, default.asp, index.php, index.htm(l), index.php3, index.php4, default.aspx, index.shtml, index.wml.

We offer free choice of two general web server types:
  • Windows 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5
    We create ASP/ASP.NET application in your root folder. You can create any number of additional applications free of charge.
  • UNIX (Linux) with Apache 2.x
    High standard compliant web server with different acceleration abilities added. Very flexible configuration, SSH access, CGI/FastCGI enabled for any popular daemons (Ruby, Python, etc.).

 Personal Virtual Server (VPS)   
Use full power and flexibility of your own virtual server at competitive price. Save on hardware cost and maintenance, no licenses purchases needed. External resources provided for support of anything you do not want to configure and run yourself.
 SSH access   at any UNIX web server
You can use SSH to efficiently manage your web environment. SSH access parameters match FTP access parameters.
 Subversion (SVN) Hosting[repository]
Subversion file version control system allows you to coordinate people working on some file-based project without mess.
 WebDAV (network folders)[repository]
WebDAV allows you to create network-stored folders and connect to your files from anywhere, anytime.
 Jabber server   jid@your-domain-name
Jabber server enables you to use your personal domain for your Jabber ID. Communicate freely with Gtalk and any other Jabber account all over the world, using your JUD as contact
 POP3 / IMAP4 server   pop3-[NNN]
Use access details from your account passwords page to work with your email on our servers.
 SMTP server   smtp-[NNN]
You can use our SMTP server to relay (send) your emails.
Use the same authentication parameters as for POP3/IMAP server. Most popular email programs allows this using single click option.
Attention: use if you wish to relay mail from your Website scripts or from your VPS.

Sometimes standard SMTP server port 25 is blocked at your ISP, use port 465 instead.

 DNS servers,
We provide 2 DNS servers for your domain names.
 mySQL servers   mysql[NN]
Please check your mySQL server address at passwords page in your Control Panel. We use latest mySQL server (5.XX series) with Percona patches for performance.

Use your database server as management interface (phpMyAdmin), or common phpMyAdmin access point

 PostgreSQL   postgres[NN]
Please check your PostgreSQL server address at passwords page in your Control Panel.

We provide management interface (phpPgAdmin), for example, and so on, please use your database server.

 Microsoft SQL Server   ms-sql-[NN]
We provide Microsoft SQL 2008 R2, Web edition, or 2012, Web Edition, for your web projects (version on your choice).

No limitation on database size or databases count, you can use any amount of resources in your disk usage quota from single account login.