Virtual Server with Linux or FreeBSD OS - Usage Hints

Virtual server is just as real as physical server on your desktop.

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How to Manage Linux Virtual Server

Every VPS has so called 1Gb Panel preinstalled. This Control Panel allows you to do all basic tasks you may need to run web server. You can enter 1Gb Panel using the following address:
  • http://[your VPS IP]:1234

It is advised to use SMTP server to relay your mail from your VPS. PHP is configured for this already. You can also create mailboxes from Control Panel, they run on common hosting mail system, so you have no need to run mail server yourself.
Please contact support if you want TCP port 25 opened with RDNS to relay yourself.

You can use standard SSH access to work with your system.

Basic CentOS commands to start with:

  • yum - package management system (yum install <package name>)
  • chkconfig - standard services auto-start configuration, chkconfig --list

Basic Ubuntu/Debian commands to start with:

  • apt-get - package management system (apt-get install <package name>)

What is NeuPrime 1Gb Hosting Panel?

  • Unlimited number of Websites, users and databases to manage
  • Manage unlimited reselling sublogins, UNIX users, FTP, SSH, so on
  • Full control on Apache, MySQL, and standard Linux Services
  • Simple, robust and lightweight user interface that consumes no valuable resources
  • Advanced Web-base File Manager with full UNIX features in mind
  • Very low server footprint and memory & CPU overhead
  • EVERYTHING is managed using standard configs, 100% manual administration friendly!
  • NeuPrime Control Panel seamless integration, single point of management
NeuPrime key business competition is Virtual Hosting. We are proud to provide best quality service, management and support. We love our Free 1Gb Panel and actively develop it to meet webmaster needs.

How to Deploy Your Website to VPS

Please review "help" page in your VPS control panel (1Gb Panel). In short,

  • In your Control Panel go to "VPS" page and bind your domain to VPS.
  • In 1Gb Panel "Websites" page create Website with this domain.
  • Place your Website files at your VPS.

How to Manage Your VPS Files

There are two common ways for this:

  • If you prefer to work as root: SCP / SFTP is safe and good working protocol to manage files remotely, based on SSH connection and encryption. Search web for WinSCP for example (ported to every popular system).
  • To manage regular Websites: you can use FTP to access Website files after you create user in 1Gb Panel. You can also use SCP / SFTP to manage Website files as noted in previous chapter.
  • 1Gb Panel has web file manager build-in, you can work with files and archives using this feature. For example, you can upload archived Website into your folder and expand this archive using web file manager.