NeuPrime Jabber Server

Jabber Logo Jabber is open protocol for instant messaging (IM).
It is used by Google Talk and number of other popular IM services.

Jabber addresses has name@domain form, exactly as email addresses.

Using Jabber at NeuPrime Hosting - Free

We offer you personal Jabber server on your domain free of charge.

Our offer includes:

  • Jabber-server jabberd2 for your domain
  • SSL / TLS secure connections support
  • Unlimited store for offline messages and roster (contact list)
  • We provide correct SRV records for good interoperation

How to Add Jabber Server

You can enable Jabber server via "Jabber for your domain" page of your Control Panel.

Then you can use any Jabber client to register Jabber accounts on your domain.
Please register admin@domain address, it has special semantics for managing your domain (may be needed later).

Your domain jabber server left free for registration, you can register additional Jabber accounts at any time using Jabber client.

Popular Jabber Clients You Can Use