Web Server Access Logs

Access logs allows you to track every access to your Website pages or files.

How to enable

Use "Manage web servers" page of your Control Panel to enable access log access.

UNIX servers

Access and error logs are always available, you can find them via FTP or SSH in "logs" folder. They are updated in real time.

If you have log access disabled, they are stored for 3 days only. If log access is enabled, they are stored for one month and also analyzed by log analyzer (awstats) to provide fancy descriptive statistics.

Log files are not included in your disk storage quota, you cannot delete them and should not do so.

Windows servers

You should enable logs access to view access logs. There are no logs provided in real time.

When logs are enabled, every night, approximately at 4 am, logs will be copied into your Website folder in subfolder named "__HTTP_ACCESS_LOGS_<random>".
You will receive some logs archive on the first day of enabling log files (up to 5 days).

Log files are included in your disk storage quota, you should delete them if you are low on available quota.