Microsoft Software Licensing Options

NeuPrime is glad to offers Virtual Desktop Infrastructure-like purchasing options for our Virtual Servers that include most popular Microsoft Corporation Desktop software, plus obvious server software such as leading Microsoft SQL Server.

Please select appropriate number of software licenses your need using Plan Wizard.

  • Microsoft Office and Visio should be purchased one item per VPS server. There is no need to purchase several Office licenses per server.
  • Each user accessing Microsoft desktop software must be covered with RDS license (Remote Desktop Services). If you need only 2 concurrent RDP connections, you may use any number of RDS licenses that correspond to users.
  • If you need more than 2 concurrent RDP connections, you should purchase 5 minimum RDS licenses and enable Remote Desktop Server mode for your VPS.
  • SQL Server Licenses should be purchased one per single distinctive connection logins to your database. For example, if you use Microsoft SQL server for one single web project, no matter how many frontend-like instances it has, there should be one single license purchased.

You can request any software version currently supported by Microsoft.

Please contact NeuPrime Support to install software you purchased. We will need access to your server to install & properly license the software.