How to Pay at NeuPrime

Our prices include all taxes and fees. You pay exactly the amount written on our Website.

Payment point is available in your Control Panel.

Our first priority is payment safety. Even after initial 10 days money-back expires, at every moment we guarantee refund on first request. You get your funds back for unused portion of time even if you do the prepayment.

Personal Contracts

Credit Cards

You can use any popular Credit/Debit card, PayPal or wire transfer (direct bank transfer, SEPA Euro transfer)

Our prices include VAT (19%).


PayPal also accepts VISA/MasterCard guest payments, so you can instantly pay using popular ordinary Credit/Debit card either using our Website processing or at PayPal, according to your security & privacy preferences.

Our policy includes refund upon request for unused portion of time even if you buy prepaid hosting plan.

Company Contracts

Our price includes sending invoices on request for your VAT accounting. Please contact support if you have any questions.