Ruby on Rails at NeuPrime

RubyRuby is modern scripting language for developing web applications.

Ruby has something common with Perl, Smalltalk, Python, but have some new unique features.

Ruby on Rails (RoR short) - popular Ruby based web development framework. RoR application is optimized for running on web/application server, we offer Mongrel for that.

Ruby on Rails at NeuPrime

Ruby on RailsWe offer your Ruby on Rails with personal Mongrel instance. You can set up any needed environment (development, production, or custom).

You can use SSH to install custom Ruby Gems and even update Rails to the version you prefer.

Usage Terms for RoR at NeuPrime

Ruby on Rails require some resources to start. Basic RoR application will run in any hosting plan with scripts enabled, starting at Neu 1.

If you deploy production-grade application you may require additional resources and extended hosting plan, such as up to Neu 15 or even move your application to VPS.

Please visit "Ruby on Rails" page in your Control Panel to install RoR.