SeaFile Cloud Storage

SeaFileSeaFile is an open platform for Cloud Storage, much like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

  • Fancy Web Access to your data from any location
  • Sync clients for Windows, Mac & Linux
  • Access clients for Android & IOS
  • Collaboration features, public share links
  • Strong Encrypted Libraries (true data security for sync clients only, encrypted storage and no server-side decryption)

Private SeaFile installation at NeuPrime, Frankfurt, Germany, may be preferred because of privacy concerns or due to collaboration features wider than of popular free offers.

We offer SeaFile free of charge in addition to your hosting services.

  • 1 GB Free Storage for any hosting account paid for any hosting plan
  • 5 GB SeaFile Storage per VPS in your Hosting Plan
  • SeaFile Storage 1 GB free gift for any 1 GB of regular hosting space purchased
    (just adjust your hosting plan if you need more storage space on commercial basis)

Please visit your Control Panel, "Features List", "SeaFile Cloud Storage" to create SeaFile login. You can try it during free test period.

Limited Responsibility Terms

SeaFile is a free Open Source software maintained by third party developers. Our goal is to provide best effort services and comfort to our customers, but we do not fully control project quality and thus we cannot guarantee operation in case of some problems found in SeaFile software.

SeaFile installation at NeuPrime is free of charge, "as-is" offer with limited liability.