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Virtual Server (VPS, VDS)

Starting at 5 € / month.

Price-efficient for starter projects or for anything that need isolation, but does not need perfect hardware performance. When 100+ VPS servers share the same hardware, nothing can cause them to run compared to specs. It is unavoidable limitation of any VPS.


Power Server (Hardware)

Starting at 197 € / month.

100% of real hardware performance for projects that need both isolation and real computation power.

If we say it runs like 4 Cores Xeon E5 / 32 GB RAM, then it runs exactly like hardware server with same specs. Period.

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Virtual Server (VPS, VDS) Pricing and Features

We allow automatic creation of Virtual Servers upon your request, instantly. Our Control Panel allows you to create server without prior payment or even in test mode. Our mission is to provide services and accept payment only after you started and satisfied.

In order not to overload our NeuPrime Cloud nodes with instant unplanned creation of powerful resources, we limit automatically managed servers to be 16 GB RAM and 200 GB Storage maximum.

If you need powerful server that exceeds these limits please just contact NeuPrime support and we will create such server for you.

Power Server Usage Pricing and Features

8 Cores, 32 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage 197.35 €
16 Cores, 64 GB RAM, 1 TB Storage 388.87 €
24 Cores, 96 GB RAM, 2 TB Storage 571.27 €
48 Cores, 192 GB RAM, 4 TB Storage 1080.85 €
48 Cores, 192 GB RAM, 4 TB Storage
no Windows licenses
985.37 €

* monthly prices; fine discounts for prepayment!
3% for 3 months, 7% for 6 months, 14.5% for 1 year, 30% for 2 years!

Also Included:

  • Windows (any version) or Linux
  • Top Intel Xeon E5 2695v2 CPU
  • Up to 192 GB RAM extendable
  • NAS attached Cloud Storage
  • Repair Console with 100% control
  • Monitoring & Help
  • Bandwidth
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  • NAS to RAID 10 + Read/Write SSD/RAM Cache
  • 100 Mbps Network per 8 cores
  • 2 IP addresses per 8 cores
  • 24 / 48 cores are HyperThreading cores
  • 48 cores server allows XEN/KVM/Hyper-V inside

What is Virtual Cloud Datacenter Environment?

NeuPrime Power Server runs on Virtual Cloud Datacenter virtualized servers.

Our nodes use top-quality equipment such as leading Intel CPUs, fastest DDR3 RAM, and NAS with multi-layered solid read and write caching. We deliver this equipment to you in smaller pieces, selling virtualized partitions of hardware nodes (Microsoft Hyper-V used).

Does it differs from regular VPS? Yes, there is really huge difference. Absolute zero overselling and strictly limited number of virtual partitions (6 max, 3 per NUMA node) guarantees 100% Virtualization Efficiency and 100% Hardware-like Performance.

On the other side, with additional virtualization layer, you still have outstanding control on your server appliances, including unique easy migration (including easy migration to external services as-is, no fix to NeuPrime cloud), on-click upgrade, 100% capable recovery console, and many more.

48 Cores / 192 GB offer is physical node itself, allowing you to virtualize any number of smaller systems. As we include licenses to unlimited number of Windows OS-es inside, this offer is a real bestseller for remote corporate environments based on Microsoft technology, such as Remote Desktop servers or fine-partitioned power web applications.