Solid State Drive at NeuPrime Cloud

Solid State Drive, SSD for short, is a modern hard disk drive made without moving parts. It uses Flash memory to store data, providing instant random read access and perfect read speeds because there is no need to move magnetic head or wait for the magnetic plates to rotate to specific position.
Write speed of SSD drives are not so exceptional good, but also quite fine compared to HDD arrays.

We use Solid State Drives as caching devices for all our network attached storage servers. Hot hard disk data and files gets stored and cached on SSD for instant access automatically. Specifically, we use Flashcache project for that.

We also place all databases on SSD drives directly, to perform optimally without absolutely any interaction without rotating disks storage. That is why we price this storage space separately, because up to current moment SSD costs more than ordinary HDD.

All NeuPrime Cloud Servers are 100% Enterprise SSD

As of 2020 and on, we moved to 100%-SSD approach, which means that you will get unprecedented speed and realibility of your data storage by default.