Extended IMAP Mailbox

POP3 and default IMAP access are optimized for downloading email to your email application at your home, office or mobile computer. Common generic mail system is not optimized for working with large count of emails on our servers.

Extended IMAP mailbox is special mailbox mode, enabled free of charge. It allows efficient work with your emails on our server and much larger email store.

Extended IMAP Mailbox Capabilities:

  • Secure access enabled - POP3s (port 995), IMAPs (993), SMTPs (465)
  • It is traditional UNIX mailbox - SSH, SCP, FTP, maildir-enabled store
  • UNIX console applications to work with email (mutt, pine, etc)
  • X-Windows support (xterm, firefox, thunderbird, sim, and so on preinstalled)
  • Support for UNIX de-facto standards such as procmail, .forward rules and so on

UNIX administrator may enjoy using this feature as personal UNIX-style single information point.

How to Use Extended IMAP mailbox

Extended box is made from regular mailbox. Convert needed mailboxes to extended mode using "Extended IMAP mailbox" page of your Control Panel.