WebDAV hosting - Shared Network Folders

WebDAV LogoWebDAV is HTTP protocol extension allowing remote access to folders and files.

IN Windows OS you can map WebDAV resource like ordinary network folder and work with files, folders and documents instantly as you do with local files. You can connect to this network stored folder from anywhere at any time.

WebDAV hosting at NeuPrime

Out free of charge offer includes:

  • Any number of independet WebDAV resources at http://webdav.neuprime.com/[resource].
  • Both http and https access to choose from speed or security.
  • Access control and unlimited number of users allowed.
  • WebDAV repository size is included .

You can use this feature using Control Panel page "WebDAV hosting".

How to use WebDAV

Most popular use of WebDAV is to map WebDAV disk storage as network folder in Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7.

Visit "My Network Places" page to create a new connection, use https://webdav.neuprime.com/[resource]. You may have to enter password several times.

There are lots of WebDAV clients and plugins for popular file managers.

Troubleshooting WebDAV in Microsoft Windows

WebDAV uses Web Client service, which may be configured differently on customer machines. If you fail to map WebDAV folder even after correct password entered, try the following:
  • press "Start", "Run", regedit.exe
  • open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters
  • create DWORD parameter with BasicAuthLevel name and value = 1 (if you wish to use HTTPS) or 2 (if you want to try without HTTPS - not recommended).
Reboot your computer and try again.

Using WebDAV in other applications

Use this settings:

  • Protocol may be both HTTP or HTTPS, in later case you should install our root certificate or accept certificate trust manually.
  • Authentication type is always Basic (it is safe via HTTPS).