Apache Tomcat Hosting

TomcatApache Tomcat 6 - popular application server for Java language web applications.

Tomcat is both application and web server, it serves both web scripts (Java servlets) and static application files, such as pictures, CSS files and downloads.

Apache Tomcat at NeuPrime

We offer you comfortable personal Apache Tomcat 6 configuration.

Your personal Tomcat is running from your UNIX home folder. It is fully accessible via FTP or SSH access. You can use ~/init.d/tomcat-6 script to start or stop Tomcat interactively.

Incoming web requests are first served by Apache web server and then all proxied to your Tomcat instance.

Usage Terms for Tomcat at NeuPrime

Apache Tomcat require some resources to start. Basic Java application will run in any hosting plan with scripts enabled, starting at Neu 1.

If you deploy production-grade application you may require additional resources and extended hosting plan, such as up to Neu 15 or even move your application to VPS.

Please visit "HTTP Applications" page in your Control Panel to install Apache Tomcat.